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First and foremost we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout the landmass Terra Australis, commonly known as the Commonwealth of ‘Australia’ unincorporated, and recognise their continuing connection to lands, waters and cultural communities. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

This website is based on the research of Superior Court Justice Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary of occupying corporate AUSTRALIA, INC., James Belcher, the Living Law Firm, and the team of world wide researchers who have been studying, searching for, and uncovering the truth for the last 40 years, bringing us to the forefront of our journey here on the landmass Terra Australis commonly known as Australia… Justice Anna  (non BAR member, nor Star Chamber Coram https://www.dictionary.com/browse/star-chamber and https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Coram) has The United States of America on track with the American States Assembly, and Land Recording System (LRS).

The claims here merit reiteration in light of the flagrant fraud, rapaciously perpetrated against Terra Australis ANZAC’s and people as a whole. So as such, from this moment on, the “Commonwealth of Australia” and relevant Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK), in this particular instance is redefined as the de jure foundation document for Australia, and the Terra Australis people, and we are publicly declaring total dissociation with regards to all the unconscionable contracts lacking full disclosure, and readily definable English Style Formatting, since original inception. Any debased DOG-LATIN Glossa within, is to be disregarded and redefined as equitable English.

The healing is here and together we populate the Land and Soil Jurisdiction as Terra Australis state Nationals, one by one. This is our time, ‘We the People’ are not lost at sea anymore, we are home, where we have always been, just not on paper, as living men and women we innstand who we are and what we are not!

A line in the sand is drawn, what has been done cannot be undone, generations of offspring have been born on this landmass known as Australia, but Australia is the corporation and Terra Australis is the land and soil beneath our feet, and only from healing what has been done, can a true Terra Australis state Assembly emerge.   The State Assembly structure, will allow the people to assemble, which we are required to do, so out of these assemblies, comes the people’s Natural Law/Lore  and our Public Law.

Using The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) as a foundational tool, and a stepping stone to get the Living Soul Authors, ye….as only ye are the author of thy life, back to the Land and Soil of Terra Australis to hold real ‘we the People’ elections, and not Occupying Corporate ‘Government’ or rather the Services Utility Corporations (Federal, State or Local) elections.  Please return to dry land and repopulate the de jure Land and Soil Jurisdiction of Terra Australis, because unbelievably as an Australian Citizen, ye are in the international jurisdiction of the Sea drowning in thier commercial contracts.

We are working in with Justice Anna and Teri Kealoha Sahm© (https://theamericanstatesassembly.net) to get ‘Aussies’ recorded,  as Terra Australis state Nationals, reconveyed back and permanently domiciled on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of Terra Australis, known as the Commonwealth of Australia, unincorporated, rebuilding the de jure Government of and for the People.

The below transcript is from Superior Court Justice, Anna Von Reitz.

“In 1960, the Queen personally enacted the Corporate Bodies Contracts Act 1960 [8 & 9 Eliz. 2] [CH. 46].  This act in effect opened up the floodgates of corruption and allowed private individual contracts of BODIES/CORPORATIONS, and especially MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS a.k.a. STRAWMEN, to supersede and overcome the Constitutional contracts owed by the Queen, the Crown and Government to the people of Great Britain. Because of this Act, you could unknowingly sign away your Constitutional Guarantees and effectively “jump ship” to become a UNCITIZEN (and slave), subject to UN CORP “private law”.  And if you didn’t do this unconsciously for yourself, then it could be done “for” you via the Birth Certification process.

This started from the basis of a Constitutional Monarchy, which, as it has never been repealed, remains the basis for the land and soil jurisdiction of Australia. Even though they are running Australia as a corporation structure in the international jurisdiction of the sea and are enslaving Australians in that foreign jurisdiction. This allowed the Queen, the Crown, and the Parliament to evade their constitutional obligations, and provided an excuse for the Pope to enforce UN “Law” on the people of Great Britain using the poppets, STRAWMEN, as the new “Subjects” of the UK CORPORATION.  This allowed the imposition of UNIDROIT as the private citizenry of Great Britain were sequentially  “redefined” first as UK Corporations and second as public Municipal properties and UN franchise CORPORATIONS.

It’s all fraud, treason and Breach of Trust in both cases and in any event.

The Queen got her cut and Westminster got their cut, the Pope got his very fat cut, and everyone concerned was completely unaccountable for entrapping, enslaving, and evading.  They set aside their constitutional obligations and roles and whompo-bango, thirteen years later, they sealed the airy deal by enacting the Seas and Submerged Lands Act of 1973, which served to seal off the land and soil jurisdictions and the courts serving those jurisdictions.

This “Act” which fails to be an Enactment, then allowed the UN CORP to come into the Territorial Jurisdiction of Australia and establish UN-based Exclusive Economic Zones (similar to what was done in America with the establishment of Territorial State of States and then, Municipal STATE OF STATE entities). And there they have sat as smug pirates, sheltering behind the storefront of the vacated constitutional government, stealing and plundering and acting as predators upon the people they are supposed to protect.

They excused their own hideous Breach of Trust by pretending that all the sane people of the Australia (and the United Kingdom, too)  went to sea and adopted foreign Persons/PERSONS and voluntarily, privately, subjected themselves to foreign law and foreign governments, while they failed to disclose any of this to the General Population, and simply left the innocent people, to whom they owed good faith and service and a Christian Monarch, to fall into their trap.

The obvious game plan in all of this was to overthrow the Constitutional Monarchy and replace it with Corporate Feudalism, with everyone re-made into corporate franchise SUBJECTS of nameless, faceless “governmental services corporations”, conveniently owned and controlled by the Queen and the Pope.  We’ve called them out for it, the Queen and the Roman Pontiff a.k.a. Pope, and all the politicians acting as the Boards of Directors.

These governmental services corporations exist via the patronage of the Queen and the definitions of the Roman Curia, so there is no doubt whatsoever who is responsible for this Criminal Breach of Trust and the implementation of this criminal genocidal scheme, because make no mistake, they have shanghaied us into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea via false and undisclosed registrations, and they have attempted to “kill” everyone on paper, and so as to reduce us all to the level of Legal Fiction Entities and “decedents” with respect to our natural estates and Public Law.

They have followed this same pattern in every country we have researched: false registration of babies, which traffics the victim’s name into the international jurisdiction of the sea and creates an unconscionable Territorial citizenship contract, followed by another unlawful conversion of the victim’s name into that of multiple Municipal CITIZENS, which are corporations of various kinds operated under the names of the victims:

JOHN MARK DOE = National/Executive/Cestui Que Vie Trust,

JOHN M DOE = Territorial/Judicial/Public Transmitting Utility,

JOHN DOE = Municipal/Legislative/Public Charitable Trust/Ward of the State

All this has been going on behind the backs of the honest, earnest, innocent people of the Earth, who have been targeted by these Vermin in High Places. Indeed, we didn’t have a clue.  But now, we do.  So what do we do….

1) Drop all memberships in all political parties, while serving notice to the heads of the political parties that they are engaged in constructive fraud and need to restrict and fully disclose the nature of their private corporate elections.

2) Claim your proper political status as free and independent from AUSTRALIA INC, as Terra Australis state Nationals, and natural inheritors and caretakers of the land and soil of Terra Australis, Nationals of Terra Australis, and, if you choose to serve, State Citizens of your state [Shire].

As a particular insight, the actual Commonwealth of Australia, was dissolved in the 1960’s — and in the absence of an organised response by the actual people of Australia, the political party bosses “assumed” power that they don’t have and began ruling the country by fiat as the comptrollers of a “governmental services corporation”. But the Queen’s Government is not without culpability for this circumstance, as they made no attempt to fully disclose the circumstance or assist the Australians via a Public Information and Education program prior to these events, and they certainly shirked their Trust obligations to aid and assist the People of Australia to organise their public meetings and conduct the necessary elections and even to be aware that such actions were (and are) necessary.”   Judge Anna.

“They did the same thing to Australia at the same time as America, setting up an offshore base of operations for their Territorial Corporation’s “Government” on Norfolk Island, while acting as “Australia, Incorporated”, and usurping against the lawful government of the actual country, Terra Australis. Here is a wonderful short video by Romley Stewart, in which he succinctly describes what went on, and exactly why this is in violation of international law and the Treaties of Vienna.” Judge Anna

International Public Notice: Country v. Territory by Anna vone Reitz
Territorial land is different in that it is held in a custodial capacity and occupies a different jurisdiction — for example, Puerto Rico is a Territory of The United States, but politically, it is a British Commonwealth.
So all this while, the British Raj (Territorial Government) has been acting as a British Protectorate and establishing a Territory to rule over Australia the country, using the corporations Australia, Inc. and AUSTRALIA (INC.) to administer this Protectorate, and it has been established under the idea that the people failed to set up a new government after the end of the Commonwealth.
So, you have the country, Australia, which appears on old maps as Terra Australis (Latin version), and you have the Territorial Protectorate, also called Australia, and you have Australia, Inc. and AUSTRALIA (INC.) all in the mix.
Here we have the country known as The United States (National) and also as The United States of America (International) and we have the United States of America (British Territorial United States) and the United States (Papist Municipality) and the United States, Inc., and the United States of America, Inc., and the UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, etc., etc.
Between the incorporated and unincorporated versions and all these similar names, it gets very confusing, but the bottom line is:
Australia, aka, Terra Australis, is a country.
Australia is also the name of the territory claimed and protected by Australia.
Australia, Inc. is a British Crown Corporation.
AUSTRALIA, INC. is a Roman Municipal Corporation.
The essential difference between “Australia” the country and “Australia” the territory, is the political status of the people who live in the country versus the political status of the persons inhabiting a separate part of the country, and to understand this, you must understand the British Caste System.
Men and women live in the country. They have Natural and Unalienable Rights. They are free men and women.
Humans, male and female, inhabit the territory.  They are indentured servants, public or otherwise.  They have timed tours of duty.
Corporations known as PERSONS inhabit municipal districts, parishes, etc. They are slaves, public or otherwise.
Thus, a territory is a denigration of a country and humans who inhabit territories are a denigration of man.
Corporate PERSONS represent a further denigration of political status. Municipal CORPORATIONS named after humans, are slaves, and so MARTIN L. FUZZBOTTLE is a denigration of the human Person named Martin L. Fuzzbottle, and this version of “Martin L. Fuzzbottle” is a denigration of the living man whose Given Name is Martin L. Fuzzbottle.
Example, Norfolk Island is a Territory of Australia; for the period of time that Norfolk Island is Subject to Australia (in the same sense as a “British Subject”) the men and women living and being born on Norfolk Island are considered to be “humans” and “Persons” with the same political status as indentured servants of members of the military during their Tours of Duty.  Like members of the military, these Persons have titles and ranks: Mister, Missus, Sergeant, Attorney, General, Doctor, The Honorable, Captain, Judge, and so on.  They are employees, paid or unpaid, of the Territorial Government.
So, what happens when an entire country, like Australia, is reduced to the level of being a territory without the knowledge or consent of the people living there?  A form of peonage is established, in which everyone living in Australia is deemed to be a “Person” — that is, merely a human male or female, equivalent to an indentured servant, known as a Citizen.  Their labor, land, and other assets are seized upon by the King or other Principal, and “income taxes” are imposed as a means to siphon off the value of the people’s labor for the King. They excuse this as a “condition of your employment” but of course, don’t necessarily bother to give you a paycheck.
Thus, it is a form of feudal serfdom arbitrarily imposed on the otherwise free people of Australia by a foreign power, in this case, the British Territorial Government.
Peonage has been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and most of the developed world, it has been outlawed for the better part of 200 years; however, they have skirted around this by pretending that this is “voluntary” and that you contractually agreed to this by filing tax reports — albeit, without the benefit of disclosure, just as they presume that you agreed to be dubbed a “human” based on unconscionable contracts imposed upon you when you were still a baby in your cradle.
Let’s take a look at this using their dictionary so that they expose what they are up to:
Legal definition of “country” — Black’s Law, Admiralty:
The portion of the earth’s surface occupied by an independent nation or people; or the inhabitants of such territory.   (Here we see that “country” refers to the geographical and physical portion of the Earth we live in, whereas “territory” is a political jurisdiction that is inhabited.)
Legal definition of “territory” — Black’s Law, Admiralty
A part of a country separated from the rest, and subject to a particular jurisdiction. (Here again, a territory is a political jurisdiction, meaning that it is inchoate — an incomplete jurisdiction separated from the actual land and soil and general jurisdiction of a country.)
Legal definition of “inhabitant” — Black’s Law, Admiralty
One who resides actually and permanently In a given place, and has his domicile there.
Legal definition of “resident” and “domicile” — Black’s Law, Admiralty
“Resident: one who has his residence in a place. “Resident” and “inhabitant” are distinguishable in meaning. The word “inhabitant” implies a more fixed and permanent abode than does “resident;” and a resident may not be entitled to all the privileges or subject to all the duties of an inhabitant.”
Additionally:  “Living or dwelling in a certain place permanently or for a considerable length of time. The place where a man makes his home, or where he dwells permanently or for an extended period of time. The difference between a residence and a domicile may not be capable of easy definition; but every one can see at least this distinction: A person domiciled in one state may, for temporary reasons, such as health, reside for one or more years in some other place deemed more favorable.”
Such as a British Merchant Sailor living for a period of years in America to perform as a Customs Agent. 
In fact, in Land Law, a “resident” is equivalent to a “sojourner” — someone passing through and merely living in a place for an undetermined length of time. This is made clear in the American “Residence Act” which provides for members of foreign governments and their families to “reside” in this country while they are here providing essential services we agreed to receive under the various Federal Constitutions.  
Now let’s look at “domicile” which sheds additional light: 
“In international law, “domicile” means a residence at a particular place, accompanied with positive or presumptive proof of intending to continue there for an unlimited time. State v. Collector of Bordentown, 32 N. J. Law, 192.”Domicile” and “residence” are not synonymous. The domicile is the home, the fixed place of habitation; while residence is a transient place of dwelling. Bartlett v. New York. 5 Sandf. (X. Y.) 44.The domicile is the habitation fixed in any place villi an intention of always staying there, while simple residence is much more temporary in its character. New York v. Genet, 4 Ilun (N. Y.) 4S9.”
As you can see, these definitions are wobbly at best, and probably purposefully so, to more easily facilitate the imposition of denigrated political statuses on living people— and the accompanying Legal Presumptions of Feudalism, too. 
These venal practices have been engaged in by the British Government and the British Crown Corporation and the Holy See under a cloak of secrecy, for the simple reason that these denigrations of political status are already recognized as being both illegal and unlawful, and have been recognized as such for a long time. Such manipulation and conversion of a man’s native political status is recognized as a capital crime under the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, both — hence the need to hide their activities in Australia, America, and elsewhere behind a “cloak of secrecy”.   
The pretense that acceptance of these denigrations is voluntary, while also being unconscionable, is ludicrous, and amounts to a Highwayman claiming that, “She gave me her purse.”  — at the point of a rapier.  
It is time for this nonsense to end and for the corporations and governments and the Principals responsible for these horrific practices and injustices to be brought to justice, also.  It is apparent that all three institutions– the British Government, the British Crown Corporation, and the Holy See — have gone rogue and have attempted to establish a form of Corporate Feudalism by which they hope to rule the entire world, effectively by denigrating the population of this planet in a manner favorable to themselves, via a surreptitious process of unlawfully converting entire countries into territories, leading to entire living populations of men and women being denigrated as “Humans” and “Persons” and then being further denigrated as PERSONS, meaning Municipal Corporations. 
The denigration pattern is as follows: 
Joseph Allen Palmer (Man) is denigrated to Joseph Allen Palmer (Territorial Person) and further denigrated to JOSEPH ALLEN PALMER (Municipal Corporation).  Australia (the Country) is denigrated to Australia (a Territory) and thence to AUSTRALIA (a Municipal Corporation). 
All this venal wordplay is worth what it is written on and needs to be expunged.  Those who have promoted this fraud scheme beneficial to themselves need to be exposed for what they are and dealt with as criminals together with the bankers that have supported them in these activities. None of this could have been done without the complicity of the banks and certain bankers who have certainly known that what they were doing was both criminal and outrageous. Their excuse that living flesh was somehow magically converted into paper and that this gave them permission to securitize flesh is in the realm of lunacy. 
Likewise, the members of the Bar Associations worldwide who have knowingly collaborated with and acted as the enforcers and implementers of this scheme against humanity must be severely dealt with.  They, if anyone, have known the basis upon which millions of false claims in commerce have been made, have known that they were involved in illegal confiscation and enforcing bills of attainder, have been aware of the noxious and logically insupportable British Caste System, and have known that there was no excuse for “conferring” any territorial status on other countries and establishing unnecessary “military protectorates” within their borders to expedite this scheme. 
And as for the military, they may not have known that the foregoing monsters had unlawfully converted them into mercenary forces, but they have cause to know it now, and they are in fact responsible for taking appropriate action to remove these false and vacated authorities, or they shall be complicit themselves and subject to prosecution for treason against these countries and people, and crimes against humanity.   
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
January 27th 2024

A small group of Terra Australis state Nationals have acted upon their “Public Duty Upon the Dissolution of the British Commonwealth” and with the guidance of Justice Anna, have developed a simple Declaration of Political Status, along with her 928 Package adapted for Terra Australis, to record the Living as natural-born Terra Australis Nationals, commonly known as ‘Aussies’, owed all right, title and interest in their State, and in Terra Australis and the Commonwealth of Australia, unincorporated as a whole, geographically defined and recognised, as an independent country and sovereign nation, and we need thy help to take the first step and form the free Peoples, Terra Australis States Assembly.

It may seem like an “impossible” task and an improbable one as well, but the fact is that it only takes two such Terra Australis Nationals from each State to form, and then 12 to create an Assembly, and once the various Assemblies begin to get set up, it becomes easier and easier to communicate with each other and conduct Roll Call Votes and start the process of self-governance.  So for now you don’t have to have a Continental Congress, but ultimately, you will all get together and hammer out a Peoples Declaration of Terra Australis Independence. That will be followed by some kind of Federation of Terra Australis Assembly allowing you to act together as a whole country. 

 This is the plan.  One by one we return home to the land and soil jurisdiction, populate the assemblies and a free People’s Terra Australis will emerge. They have had their go, its time we had ours, ‘fair suck of the sav’!

Let us, we the People, focus on building a new free ‘Terra Australis’ as reconveyed/conveyed Terra Australis state Nationals so we leave something we can be proud of, to our sons and daughters.


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